PCS Publications


A chronological listing of publications by PCS faculty and students starting from those published in 2008:

- 2013 -

Andrews, D.L. (in press: 2013).  Not Lovin’ It:  The Perils of Neoliberal Kinesiology. Ephysis Project.  Sao Paulo: Brasil.

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Grainger, A.D, Rick, O.J.C., Andrews, D.L. (in press: 2013). Bound to the Nation: Pacific Islands Rugby and IRB Eligibility Rules.  Sport in Society.

Rail, G., & Jette, S. (Invited Guest Eds.) (underway). Special issue: “Body culture, biopedagogies and public health.” Cultural Studies/Critical Methodologies.

Dumas, A., Robitaille, J., & Jette, S. (accepted). Young women, health and poverty: Lifestyle as a choice of necessity. Social Theory and Health.

Norman, M.E., Rail, G., & Jette, S. (in press). Moving subjects, feeling bodies: Emotion and the materialization of fat feminine subjectivities in Village on a Diet. Fat Studies.

Jette, S., & Rail, G. (2013). Ills from the womb? A critical examination of Evidence-Based Medicine and pregnancy weight gain advice. Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine, 17(4), 407-21.

Ma, D., Ji, L., & Andrews, D. L. (2013). Radical Discontinuity: The Ideological Trend of the Chinese Martial Ethos. Journal of Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, 47(4), 17-22.

Mower, R.L., Andrews, D.L., & Rick, O.J.C. (in press: 2013).  Football and ‘Ghettocentric’ Logics?: The NFL’s Essentialist Mobilization of Black Bodies.  In T. Oates & Z. Furness (Eds.).  Critical and Cultural Perspectives on the Americanl Football League.  Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

Rick, O., Silk, M.L., & Andrews, D.L. (2013).  Liquid Beckham.  In L.  Wenner (Ed.). Fallen Heroes: Sport, Media, and Celebrity Culture.  New  York: Peter Lang.

Tredway, K. (2013).  Judith Butler redux: The heterosexual matrix and the out lesbian athlete: Amélie Mauresmo, gender performance, and women’s professional tennis.  Journal of the Philosophy of Sport. 

- 2012 -

Andrews, D. L. (2012). Reflections on Communication and Sport: On Celebrity and Race. Communication and Sport, 1(1-2), 151-163.

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Friedman, M.T., Bustad, J., & Andrews, D.L. (2012).  Feeding the downtown monster: (Re)developing Baltimore’s “tourist bubble”.  City, Culture and Society, 3 (3), 209-218.    

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- 2011 -

Andrews, D. L. & Clift, B. C. (In press, 2011). Olympic Games. In Ritzer, G’s (Ed.) Blackwell Encyclopedia of Globalization. Blackwell Publishers. Blackwell Publishers.

Andrews, D.L. King, C.R., & Leonard, D. (2011).  Postscript: America’s Son” Tiger Woods as Commodification and Criminalization.  In D. Leonard & C.R. King (Eds.). Commodified and Criminalized: New Racism and African Americans in Contemporary Sports (pp. 249-254).  Lanham, MD: Rowan and Littlefield Publishers.

Andrews, D.L. Mower, R., & Silk, M.L. (2011).  Ghettocentrism and the Essentialized Black Male Athlete.  In D. Leonard & C.R. King (Eds.). Commodified and Criminalized: New Racism and African Americans in Contemporary Sports (pp. 69-94).  Lanham, MD: Rowan and Littlefield Publishers.

Andrews, D. L., & Mower, R. L. (accepted).  Specters of Jordan: Sport, race, and the neoliberal subject.  Ethnic and Racial Studies.

Andrews, D. L. & Mower, R. L. (in press). Sporting glocalization. In G. Ritzer (Ed.) The Blackwell encyclopedia of globalization. Blackwell Publishers.

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McBean, J. & Friedman, M.  (In Press). Celebration at 90: Usain Bolt's Creolization of Social Space. In J. Nauright, A. Cobley & D. Wiggins, (Eds.), Beyond Boundaries: Race and Ethnicity in Sport. Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press.

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Wiest, A., & King-White, R. (In press, 2011). Selling out (in) sport management: Practically evaluating the state of the (American sporting) union. Sport, Education, and Society.

- 2010 -

Andrews, D.L. (2010). Global Baltimore: Sport, deindustrialization, and social transformation. Korean Society for the Sociology of Sport Journal, 3-21.

Andrews, D.L., Schultz, J., & Silk, M.L. (2010).  The Olympics and Terrorism.  In A. Bairner & G. Molnar (Eds.).  The Politics of the Olympics: A Survey (pp. 81-92).  London: Routledge.

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Thomas, D. (under review). “Around the world:  Problematizing the Harlem Globetrotters as cold warriors.” Sport in Society.  

- 2009 -

Amis, J., Mower, R. L., & Silk, M. L. (2009). (Michael) Power, gendered subjectivities, and filmic representation: Brand strategy and Guinness’ Critical Assignment in Africa. In L. A. Wenner & S. J. Jackson (Eds.), Sport, beer, and gender: Promotional culture and contemporary social life. New York: Peter Lang.

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- 2008 -

Andrews, D.L. (2008). Kinesiology’s Inconvenient Truth: The Physical Cultural Studies Imperative.  Quest, 60. 46-63.

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