Graduate Students


Shaun Edmonds-Broadly stated, my research interests focus on the intersections of sexuality, physical health, and organized physical activity throughout the life course.

Katie Esmonde-While completing an M.S. in sociology of sport at Purdue University, I participated in research that focused on the gendering of sports fandom and the exclusion of women sports fans, as well as the media framing of sports scandals. My doctoral research interests include how gender, race, sexuality influence inequality in health education, qualitative methodology, and theories of physical culture.

Stephanie Cork-Stephanie received her Bachelor's and Master's from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. Both degrees are in Sociology with a focus in Disability Studies. Her MA thesis entitled "," was conducted under the supervison of Dr. Rob Beamish and the help of Dr. Alice Aiken and Dr. Annette Burfoot. Her continued research focuses on diversity issues including advocacy and awareness for persons with disabilities.

Stephanie currently works closely with Dr. Shannon Jette on the politics of the (in)active body and disability advocacy. She is part of Dr. Jette's new  - Technologies of Heath IN Context, a group that seeks to better understand the wide range of technologies that monitor "healthy" bodies. In particular Stephanie is interested in how itechnologies of health as systems of scientific classification (e.g., BMI, DSM-5) and the practices of normalizing judgement afftect persons with disabilities, with a particular interest in how these systems of classification exclude, marginalize or stigmatize.

Julie Maier-I am interested in the interdisciplinary study of mental health: How biological, psychological, social, cultural, and environmental factors intersect to compromise or improve one's mental (and physical) well-being. Of particular interest to me are mental health disparities amongst queer women and therapies (e.g., adventure therapy) that foster human-environmental connections. I am currently working on a project that examines women's experiences living with Obsessive Compulsive Related Disorders (OCRD), focusing specifically on the role physical activity plays in the women's lives, as well as the intersection of sexuality and OCRD.

Julie Brice-Julie Brice is a masters student in the Physical Cultural Studies Program within the Kinesiology Department, graduating in May of 2017. After receiving degrees in both Psychology and Kinesiology from the University of Maryland, Julie moved to Korea for a year to teach English at a rural elementary school. Once the program ended, Julie moved back to Maryland where she worked as a Wellness Fitness Specialist before returning to UMD to pursue her masters. Within PCS, Julie is interested in gender construction in physical activity/sports specializing in the empowerment rhetoric and pro-girl movement that is pervasive in US Women's National Soccer. She has presented her research at both the PCS Graduate Student Conference (March 2016) and the North American Society for Sport Sociology Conference (October 2016).

Samuel Clevenger- Social historian of physical culture and the environment.  Historian in the tradition of historical materialism. Current research interests concern historical theory and the relation between conceptions of nature and physical culture within cooperative and utopian built environments.

Eric Stone- Eric A. Stone is from all over, and came to the University of Maryland for his PhD in Physical Cultural Studies. Eric began his collegiate studies at York College of Pennsylvania, earning his Bachelors degree in 2009 in history, with a minor in French.  He received his master's degree in Early Modern European History from the University of Sussex in Brighton, United Kingdom in 2011.While his undergraduate and graduate work had been focused on religious history in the Atlantic world, France, and Great Britain, he made the switch into Physical Cultural Studies after learning about the interdisciplinarity inherent in the program, and how it allowed him to tie his love of history into other fields such as sociology, American Studies, and public health just to name a few. His five years in the outdoor retail industry have given him a crash course in outdoor sports marketing, as well as providing a unique insight into how consumers view physical activity in the outdoors.

Eric is currently developing work on the culture of injury amongst post-athletes and their understanding and commiserating of pain and experience.

Meir Lewin