Course Offerings


As outlined in the Course Overview page, a student's program of coursework should be formulated in conjunction with their advisor, and with the aim of creating a truly independent PCS research fully exposed to, and cognizant of, the appropriate empirical, theoretical, and methodological content.

There are, however, general requirements for each degree program:

MA Degree Thesis Option (30 Credits)

MA Degree Non-Thesis Option (30 Credits)

Ph.D. in Kinesiology (60 Credits)


In order to meet these various course requirements–and to become exposed to the appropriate empirical, theoretical, and methodological content–it is fully expected that students will take a program of courses selected within the PCS program and beyond.  These could include:  

PCS Courses

KNES 630 Sociology of Sport (3 credits)

KNES 685 Sport and Globalization (3 credits)

KNES 689B Physical Cultural Studies: Research & Writing Seminar (3 credits)

KNES 698E Gender and Sport (3 credits)

KNES 689K Research Design: Physical Cultural Studies (3 credits)

KNES 689P Physical Cultural Studies: Culture/Hegemony/Articulation (3 credits)

KNES 689Q Sport and the Civil Rights Movement (3 credits)

KNES 689V Gender & Sport (3 credits)

KNES 689Y The Body, Culture, & Physical Activity (3 credits)

KNES 689 Sport and Race Relations (3 credits)

KNES 689 Basketball and Black Masculinity (3 credits)

KNES 689 History of Sport and Physical Culture (3 credits)

KNES 689 Sporting Hollywood (3 credits)

KNES 689 Sport and Globalization (3 credits)

KNES 698A Sport and Culture in the Global Marketplace (3 credits)

KNES 789E Theories of Physical Cultural Studies (3 credits)

KNES 789 Feminist Physical Cultural Studies (3 credits)

Other KNES and SPH Courses

KNES 610 (3 credits)

KNES Ethics (3 credits)

KNES 620 Teaching Kinesiology to Undergraduates (3 credits)

KNES 711 Professional Development and Grantsmanship (3 credits)

Courses in Other Departments

Current and previous students have taken the following courses, dependent on their research interests and objectives:

AMST 628 Marginality and Popular Culture

AMST 629V Film and Los Angeles

AMST 628Q Material Culture Theory

EDCI 788i Critical Theories of American Youth

FMST 600 Family Theories

FMSC780 Qualitative Research Methods

JOUR770 Research Methods (Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed)

SOCY621  Contemporary Sociological Theory       

SOCY699F Theorizing Spaces and Places

SOCY729A Globalization Theory

SOCY644 Gender, Work, and Family

SOCY645  Sociology of Self Concept

WMST 601 Feminist Theories  I

WMST 602 Feminist Theories II

WMST698B Gender, Globalization, and Transnational Feminism