Dr. David L. Andrews


David L. Andrews (Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) is a Professor of Physical Cultural Studies in the Department of Kinesiology.  He also hold affiliate appointments in the Department of American Studies, and the Department of Sociology, and is a Visiting Professor at the University of Bath, in the United Kingdom.  Broadly speaking, Dr. Andrews’ published research focuses on:

Furthering the empirical, theoretical, and methodological boundaries of Physical Cultural Studies; Examining various aspects of embodied performance, with a specific focus on the manner in which they are organized, represented, and experienced through the operations of social power; Critically analyzing sport’s relationship with the structures, processes, and discourses shaping late capitalist society, paying particular attention to issues of globalization, corporatization, commercialization, and neo-liberalization.

Dr. Andrews teaches the following courses:

Undergraduate Courses:

KNES 287 Sport in American Society (3 credits)

KNES 398A Sport and Culture in the Global Marketplace (3 credits)

KNES 289Y The Physical Cultures of Metropolitan Baltimore (3 credits)

KNES 485 Sport and Globalization (3 credits)

Graduate Courses:

KNES 685 Sport and Globalization (3 credits)

KNES 689P Physical Cultural Studies: Culture/Hegemony/Articulation (3 credits)

KNES 689Y The Body, Culture, & Physical Activity (3 credits)

KNES 789E Theories of Physical Cultural Studies (3 credits)

His recent publications (see here for a complete list) include articles in Social Identities, Social Semiotics, the Brown Journal of World Affairs, Quest, Cultural Studies-Critical Methodologies, South Atlantic Quarterly, the International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics, the Journal of Sport and Social Issues, and the Sociology of Sport Journal.  He has also published numerous books, including: Sport-Commerce-Culture: Essays on Sport in Late Capitalist America (Peter Lang, 2006); East Meets West: Essays on Sport and the Cold War (with S. Wagg, Routledge, 2007); Qualitative Methods in Sport Studies (with M. Silk, & D. Mason, Berg, 2005); Sport, culture, and advertising: Identities, commodities, and the politics of representation (with S.J. Jackson, Routledge, 2005); Sport and Corporate Nationalisms (with M.L. Silk, & C.L Cole, Berg, 2005); Manchester United: A Thematic Study (Routledge, 2004); and, Michael Jordan Inc.: Corporate Sport, Media Culture, and Late Modern America (SUNY Press, 2001).  

Lastly, Dr. Andrews serves as the assistant editor of the Journal of Sport and Social Issues, and an editorial board member of the Sociology of Sport Journal, Leisure Studies, Quest, and Sport Management Review, and was until recently the sociology and anthropology section editor for Research Quarterly in Exercise and Sport.  In addition, Dr. Andrews is the co-editor (with S. Wagg) of Palgrave Macmillan’s Global Culture and Sport book series, and an elected fellow in the American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education (AAKPE).