PCS Pre-NASSS Symposium: Tuesday November 5, 2019

"PCS in Future Tense"

Venue: Friedgen Lounge, SPH 2236

Presentation 1: 11.00-11.45am

"Skill Adaptation in Sport:  Affordances as Physical Cultural Formations"    

Jim Denison (University of Alberta)

Presentation 2: 11.45-12.30pm

"Girls' life skills education through sport in a context of change"

Christina Kwauk (Brookings Institute)

Presentation 3: 1.30-2.15pm

“CTE crisis and the importance of medical, technological, and social disaggregation of the body”

Daniel Grano (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

Presentation 4: 2.15-3.00pm

“Foucault and Deleuze's Methodologies for Research on the Material Moving Body”

Pirkko Markula (University of Alberta)


Preparatory Readings

Denison, J. (2019). What It Really Means To ‘Think Outside The Box’: Why Foucault Matters For Coach Development. International Sport Coaching Journal, 6 (3), 354-358.

Markula, P. (2019). Chapter 7: Connecting-Deleuze on Foucault.  In Deleuze and the physically active body (pp. 148-168). Abingdon, UK: Routledge.